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Growing Money Trees


Financial Planning  ​and Investment Advice for the Foreign Service Community


We Provide Recommendations Tailored to Your Financial Situation

Windecker Financial Planning LLC

     Windecker Financial Planning LLC provides financial planning and investment advisory services focused on the needs of the Foreign Service community.  We advise on cash flow and budgeting, insurance planning, tax planning, college savings, home financing, investment management, retirement planning, and estate planning.  Our services are delivered virtually through secure VOIP communications and emails, and by sharing encrypted documents.

Financial Advisor working with clients

We can answer these questions and more. 

     Wondering whether to rent or buy a home? Saving for a down payment?  We can analyze the choices and advise on financing for a home purchase.
     Worried about how much to save for retirement or whether your funds will last your lifetime?  We can run simulations to quantify your choices,  establish investment policies, and advise on portfolio allocations and choosing specific securities.
     Anxious about saving enough for your child's education?  We can advise on saving to meet future tuition costs, using tax-advantaged savings plans, and obtaining student loans to meet your concerns.

     Divorced or widowed and trying to cope with a new financial reality?  In a life transition and need answers to money questions?  We can help you get your feet back on firm financial ground, take control of your money, better manage your debt,  and advise on investments.

     Opening a new solo business and looking for start-up advice?  We can assist you  to frame and analyze your major choices so that you can decide and act.

     Concerned about whether or not you have sufficient insurance coverage?  We can work with you to assess the risks and advise on appropriate coverages.

Service Plans and Pricing​

All plans required an advance payment of up to $500, which will be applied against overall fees.

All plans are subject to signing an agreement describing the terms and conditions of the engagement.

Limited Scope​

Receive recommendations

in response to your specific concerns

$75 per hour (minimum two hours)

or an agreed flat fee

Comprehensive Plan​

Receive a comprehensive financial plan

tailored to your circumstances

$3,000 flat fee,

payable in three installments of $1,000 

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