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Our Services

We Provide Financial Planning and Investment Advice

     We provide financial planning and investment advice focused on serving the needs of the Foreign Service community in the U.S. or abroad.

     If you are a U.S. citizen living or planning to live outside the U.S., whether as an expatriate or a diplomat, you could have special concerns. Homeownership, home leave expenses, future college education for your children, planning for retirement or a change in career – all these present unique challenges. Our investment advisor representative has over 30 years experience working and living abroad on which to base his advice.

     We deliver all our services virtually, communicating through secure VOIP calls and email, and sharing encrypted documents. We designed our communication system to meet the needs of Foreign Service families posted overseas. Our pricing is based on the cost savings inherent in virtual meetings. If requested, we can arrange face-to-face meetings in Northern Virginia at additional charge. 


Service Plans and Pricing

All plans require an advance payment of $250 which will be applied against overall fees.

All plans are subject to signing an agreement describing the terms and conditions of the engagement.

Limited Scope Engagement -

Get answers to your specific concerns

    Choose this plan to receive recommendations for your specific financial planning and investment concerns. These could be in the areas of cash flow and budgeting, insurance planning, tax planning, college savings, home financing, investment management, retirement planning, or estate planning.

     During an initial, free consultation of 30 minutes, we would discuss your concerns to determine our scope of work. You would receive analysis and recommendations tailored to your situation. Our pricing for this service is $75 per hour of our time (minimum of two hours), or an agreed flat fee. This is our most flexible arrangement, and it could be as limited or comprehensive as you choose.


Typical Questions for a  Limited Scope Engagement

  • How can I live within my means?  How can I get control and manage my expenses to fulfill my goals in life?  As an expatriate in a business or diplomatic environment, how do I manage expenses while living abroad and making frequent moves?
  • If I should die, will my spouse and children receive sufficient insurance proceeds to replace my income?  Is our insurance coverage sufficient to protect our assets and replace lost income due to death or disability?  As an expatriate whose career makes it difficult to sustain two family incomes, is the life insurance coverage on the soul breadwinner adequate? 
  • Should I rent or buy a home?  If I buy, where do I purchase?  How do I finance the cost?  As an expatriate rotating between domestic and overseas assignments, if I buy a home, what do I do with it when I am again posted abroad?  Do I sell or let?
  • Will I have sufficient funds to retire?  How much should I save for retirement?  How and where do I invest my savings?  As an expatriate working abroad, can I afford to retire early or will I need a second career?
  • How do I save for my children's college educations?  How do I take advantage of tax-deferred educational savings plans?  As an expatriate, how do I qualify for in-state college tuition?  Should my children take out student loans?
  • Now that I am retired, how do I invest my IRA and discretionary savings to finance my retirement?  How do I manage my savings in retirement?  As a diplomat I have had access to a low cost and well-regarded plan in which to accumulate retirement funds.  How do I manage my Thrift Savings Plan savings following retirement?


Comprehensive Plan-

Take control of your financial life

    Choose this plan to receive a comprehensive review of your financial situation and recommendations for you to take control of your financial life. The plan generally addresses cash flow and budgeting, insurance planning, tax planning, investment advice, retirement planning, and estate planning.

     During an initial, free consultation of 30 minutes, we would review with you the areas where we will focus our efforts based on your needs. We would provide analysis and recommendations tailored to your financial situation. Our flat fee of $3,000 is payable in 3 installments of $1,000 following each of 3 virtual meetings designed to do the following:

          • confirm your information and financial data,

          • present a preliminary plan and prepare an investment

policy statement, and

          • present a final, comprehensive financial plan.



What Happens After You Receive a Comprehensive Plan?

     After you have evaluated your financial plan, you may choose to follow through on part or all of our recommendations.  You may choose to work with your other advisors as well as to acquire investments, real estate, or insurance products based on our recommendations.  You are not obligated to take any action or make any purchase based on our recommendations.  


     Our engagement ends when the final comprehensive plan is presented to you.  If you request us to assist you in taking any action, implementing any recommendation, or making any financial acquisition, we would need to enter into an additional written agreement for this purpose.  

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